A unique approach to servicing your location vehicle needs. We provide the most versatile line of equipment in the entertainment industry.

All in one production trailers, two through ten room honeywagons, make up, wardrobe, & combo trailers, star motor homes, and our signature two through six unit "party pooper" portable toilets.


Whether you're looking for standard portable potties to rent or high-end portable toilets, Hollywood Honeywagon restroom trailers accomodates everyone!

Hollywood Honeywagon is your one stop shop for portable toilets, porta potties, restroom trailers, honeywagons, star trailers, production trailers, star motorhomes, makeup and wardrobe trailers and we even have two and three room star trailers available!! We are happy to service your portable trailers and trailer needs.


4 Room Dressing Trailer This is the perfect "stage" dressing room trailer. It also acts as an ideal wardrobe trailer. 4 large (7.5 x 7.5) dressing rooms. Each with it's own directors / make-up chair; a large counter & fully lighted mirror; wardrobe rack and overhead shelf. Each room is carpeted and includes a 2 ½ FT wide X 8 FT long bed. It's GREAT!
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36 Foot Wardrobe and Makeup Combo Trailer With 50 feet of wardrobe racks, "The World's Best" foam-padded wardrobe lock-down system , big, deep storage drawers, a built-in, fold-down ironing board and a sit-down work desk, the wardrobe side of this trailer can't be beat! But maybe it can? Just ask Make-up. They have lots of storage drawers, a shampoo bowl, AM/FM cassette stereo, 3 huge lighted mirrors, refrigerator and couch!
Wardobe and Makeup Combo Trailer prices

42 Foot Wardrobe and Makeup Combo Trailer This unit provides 4 makeup stations, over 60 feet of rack space and lots of storage. "The World's Best" foam padded wardrobe lock-down system, big deep storage drawers, a built-in, fold-down ironing board and a sit down work desk. Cabinets and drawers, a shampoo bowl, AM/FM cassette stereo, 4 huge lighted mirrors, refrigerator and couch! Of course, air conditioning and heat throughout!
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2 Unit Portable Toilet These units provide a men's & women's restroom. Each include a flush toilet, sink with built in soap dispenser and a multi-fold paper towel dispenser. Each has 50 gallon holding capacity and 40 gallons of fresh water. There are 2 units built on each trailer.
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6 Unit Portable Toilet This compact little trailer is 23 feet long and 8 feet wide. It provides 3 toilets in the ladies' room, along with 2 toilets and 1 urinal in the men's side. It is fully air-conditioned and heated, and even includes a music system! The interior is extraordinarily upscale and provides a fitting addition to the most exclusive function or event.
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8 Unit Portable Toilet Call for Details!
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We have the right products and service for any portable restroom needs. For every star in hollywood or the typical function that calls for a portable toilet, we have a broad selection of restroom trailers, individual luxury portable potties and more affordable solutions. For customers in the film industry we have a complete selection of specialty restrooms.

We are the only portable toilet rental service company in the heart of Hollywood that caters to everybody. We serve the needs of absolutely everyone in need of a restroom trailer, portable toilet, or porta potty!! CALL us now to find out how we can serve your portable toilet needs.